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Good results begin with great communication. Each client receives 10 hours of personal coaching, Q & A support, and nighty sleep-tracking reports keeping a good pulse on your on-going progress.

No more waiting for doctor call-backs, useless medication combinations, or lack of real results. Call now for a free, intelligent conversation about your sleep challenges.


Brainwave training methods are not created equal. Some try to be all things to all people, treating for everything. Many miss the mark, with either results that are lacking, or not specific to the needs of the client.

But Sleep Recovery is different. Our entire program is directed at one set of problems; insomnia and its corresponding components, anxiety, aka, worry based thinking.


Five years prior to COVID-19, we launched our At-Home/Distance program for those out of state that couldn't travel to one of our locations.

Since then it's been a perfect fit for these troubled times. Harnessing the latest telehealth technology allows achieving as good if not better results than in-office visits. No more stressing in traffic or waiting in a lobby. Sleep Recovery is always available when you need it, in the comfort of your own home.

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