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Professionals in all over the country are seeing increases in reports of chronic insomnia.

Psychiatrists, psychologists, primary care doctors and clergy are all reporting alarming rates of anxiety and insomnia. With mild-to-moderate cases, CBT for insomnia and over the counter supplements can and do help. 

But what about chronic cases? Medications like Ambien or Seroquil not only have a poor track record, but can even make a bad insomnia situation worse. The facts are this; without drug-free healthy sleep, all modalities and interventions fail the patient.

It's our hope that as a health-care provider, you're ready to try on a new idea.

Brainwave Training That's Light Years Ahead

Looking at EEG Training in a Whole New Way

Most practitioners only see EEG as 70 year old technology used exclusively to diagnose seizures, stroke or TBI. We are taking EEG trainng a whole step further with state-of-the-art systems that are FDA approved for safety, carry no side-effects and produce rapid result for your patient population.

Elegant EEG Training Made Simple

Innovative, Creative & Custom Fit to Each Client

We spend up to 20 hours with each of your patients personal needs. Every case is different, and interfacing with you as a physician is key.

We provide ongoing reports to you about how your patient is doing: nightly sleep tracking, anxiety reduction reporting.


Let Us Illustrate our Program for You

Zoom or Skype. Which Ever You Prefer

A brief, 20 minute presentation with Q & A for you as a physician to see for yourself how we care for your patients.

HIPAA released referrals from client graduates are also available.

Please reach out for more details.

Study Conclusion:
Despite the aforementioned limitations, we found significant decreases in PTSD symptoms and affect dysregulation. Importantly, we have evidence that as PTSD symptoms decrease, it may cascade to other neural systems
underlying self-regulation including affect regulation.
While the limitations negatively affect our ability to identify the specificity of NF gains, they increase the ecological validity of the study. This was an effectiveness study in which the intervention was employed in a community setting with complex participants. In short, we enrolled many of the participants who would be excluded from more ‘‘rigorous’’ trials because of substance use, comorbidity, and other factors.
In total we only screened one person out of the study. Once participating, we found that participants ‘‘no-show’’ rates were low, and we had a very low drop-out rate. Of 23 individuals screened for participation, 17 completed the 40-session protocol (73 % completion rate). Of those who were non completers, one person completed the 40 sessions but did not return for the final assessment (78 % rate of completing the intervention).

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