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I was having major trouble falling asleep.  My brain would just spin and spin as the hours went by.  I am not a fan of sleeping pills and was unsure what to do.  I tried CBD and that helped for a little bit but then it seemed to stop working.  My husband found David and his "magic brain-machine" (as we like to call it) has changed my life.  I now fall asleep with no problems at all!  If you are suffering from insomnia or high stress, I highly recommend Sleep Recovery USA.  Sweet dreams!

Great job, sleep improved immensely and David was extremely pleasant and accommodating. I am an Oxford trained physician (and neuroscientist) so can assure you that it definitely helped me in my sleep and also with anxiety issues. I'm happy to talk with other doctors about my personal case with regard to Sleep Recovery, Inc.

My teen-aged daughter started having insomnia a year ago. I called Sleep Recovery USA after my daughter slept only two hours a night for several nights in a row. We spoke with their program director, David Mayen and he scheduled her for the next day. After 4-5 treatments, her sleep began to improve. She was sleeping five hours a night and it was a deeper sleep. She finished 15 treatments five days ago and her sleep continues to improve. She is sleeping 6-7 hours a night. When she does wake up at night, she's able to go back to sleep and is waking up rested again. In three weeks she went from feeling like she had no hope to being happy and looking forward to making accomplishments everyday. We are both so grateful to David and the Sleep Recovery, Inc. for their life changing work.

I had been suffering from severe insomnia for over three years. I tried dozens of remedies, and nothing got the job done, until I found It really worked, and I've actually researched others that have also had success with neurofeedback therapy for insomnia, now that I've started spreading the word. I can sleep every night now, seriously. I also feel less anxious during the day, and more inspired and energized. David Mayen guided me through the entire process. I highly recommend this therapy.

I couldn't tell you how much David saved my life I was having anxiety attacks back to back, and I wasn't sleeping. I was so nervous and scared to sleep. I'd seen a psychiatrist who  I potentially thought I was bipolar. I didn't know what was going and I just couldn't fall asleep.

I looked up some things pertaining to sleep online. I came across this website and was desperate I just like let me give this a shot. When I did my first session and I was like "not sure if this is going to work " I didn't really think it would have. David explained everything and it was very simple so I did it. After 3 sessions I notice I started falling asleep after 5 sessions I was sleeping about 4 hours. Before this I would sleep 3 hours but I would wake up maybe 4 times within that 3 hour window. So after 5 sessions I was sold, I slept 5 hours without waking up!!! I couldn't believe how painless the whole thing was. How blessed and relieved and I thank God for people like him because I honestly thought about suicide because my anxiety attacks were that bad, After 15 sessions I sleep sometimes 8-10 hours about 5 nights a week. I HIGHLY recommend this service I'm so serious I finally got back to myself and I never had to take what my psychiatrist recommended.

Sleep Recovery kept me breathing through a difficult time. I had had a hard time sleeping well for years. But the last couple of months before starting biofeedback with David, even when I did sleep a few hours during the night, I would get up in the morning feeling exhausted before I even started my day.

I was fortunate to have a week off of work and David worked with me to fit in as many sessions as possible. I would say he went above and beyond the norm in helping me return to a reasonable schedule of sleeping well enough to get by during that week. I continued going as often as possible, and within a couple of months, I was sleeping through the night most of the time. When I did wake up in the middle of the night I could go back to sleep again.

It's made a huge difference in my health and well-being to feel calm again and not like I was sticking one finger in an outlet all day. I'm certain that Sleep Recovery USA had a large part to do with this.

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