From Deep Brain Anxiety

Alpha Theta

The A. T. neurofeedback protocol has a storied history going back almost 50 years.

From Zen masters, to achieving deep brain tranquility, Alpha Theta has helped thousands of trauma victims feel safe again in the world.

The Process

As opposed to EMDR or CBT, this process gently allows the limbic brain to rest in the twilight state, giving the mind a much needed break from perpetual negative thinking patterns. A. T. then helps the brain to lower “alpha spiking” consistent with high amygdala EEG activity.

Deep Brain Calm

The number one result trauma sufferers wish for is feeling a sense of personal safety again, especially out in public. A. T. has a long history of providing this, and much more.

Better sleep, healthier relationships and less anxiety are just the beginning.

Alpha Theta Protocol: A Fascinating 50 Year History

Originally created for use as a deep meditation tool, alpha theta neurofeedback has emerged as an effective modality to create a ‘let-go’ experience, freeing individuals from all manner of ‘stuck-ness’.

Unresolved Trauma Affects 8 Million Americans Every Single Year

This silent epidemic not only touches the victim, but everyone who cares about them as well. Medications and talk therapy simply are not producing the results needed to reverse the course of this unbearable suffering Americans are now facing.

Hyper-Vigilant Reactivity is Not Under Conscious Control

The challenges with talk therapy for trauma is that the deep brain does not understand human language. This limbic system has it’s own unique language, of image, myth, ritual, self-protection and emotions. If we communicate with the deep brain on it’s own terms, astounding levels of healing can happen.

Young People Trapped Within an Internal War Zone

To date, the suicide rates for young people have increased an astonishing 21% within the last 4 years. This is the largest statistical surge for any gender, age group or society in the history of tracking in America. 

What is the Best Course of Action? How Can Alpha Theta Make a Difference?

Our first-line approach is to stabilize the outer, or neo-cortical areas of the brain. Once this is achieved, we can move forward with a more holographic pathway to getting both inner and outer brain regions to work together again as a unified whole.

How Neo-Cortial & Deep Brain Protocols Work Together to Help Trauma

When high alpha amplitude spiking is present, both the inner limbic and outer cortical layer are in deep conflict with each other. The ‘thinking’ brain goes into over-protection mode, causing the limbic system to react with more and more reactions of non-logical fear and radical, negative shifts of perception.